The Yogurt Pedaler” on Life in Pencil
(by Elizabeth Grant – July 2, 2010)

Bacteria” on Life up Close
(by Megan Maurer – July 8, 2010)

Making yogurt is its own magic” on Life as it Happens
(by Anny Gaul – July 13, 2010)

fcp meets yogurt pedaler” on Free Crappy Portraits
(by Rj and Roz, Urbana, IL – August 24, 2010)

Pedaling Yogurt” on Smile Politely
(by Kelly Innes, Urbana, IL – August 25, 2010)

Bringing life to the streets…with yogurt?” on the Metropolitan Planning Council blog
(thanks to Karin Sommer and Mandy Burrell Booth, Chicago, IL – August 27, 2010)

On a ride to promote yogurt” in the Palladium-Item
(by Rachel Sheeley, Richmond, IN – September 2, 2010)

Learn to make yogurt at market” in the Mount Vernon News
(by Melissa Raines, Mt. Vernon, OH – September 10, 2010)

Pop-a-Mealie; Make bicycles part of your daily eating” on Tasting Table
(October 27, 2010)

Foodie Bike Tour Q&A with the Yogurt Pedlaer” on The Daily Meal
(by Valaer Murray, November 9, 2010)

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