The Op Shop

1 May

There are plenty of reasons to love Hyde Park, the neighborhood I call home in Chicago. One of those reasons is the Op Shop, a temporary art and community space that occupies vacant storefronts throughout the neighborhood. The first one was in 2008, and Op Shop IV just closed at the end of April.

The Op Shop is entirely volunteer-run, and it’s become such a popular place to exchange knowledge, friendships, and passions that there seems to be no shortage of events inspired and hosted by various Hyde Park residents. I’ve been a big fan from the beginning, but Op Shop IV’s theme was “Spotlight on Urban agriCULTURE” so I decided it was high time the Yogurt Pedaler appeared in her home territory to do a yogurt demo.

The crowd on April 23 was small but enthusiastic, with lots of questions and great discussion. My batch of yogurt that I’d prepared to share had failed, but that actually led to great speculation – with wisdom from the many food experiences in the room – about its causes and solutions.

Thanks to Harry Osoff 1537 News for the photos.

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