Day 22: Yellow Springs to Columbus, OH

5 Sep

Riding 50 miles and then eating Mexican food is not such a good idea. But I did it, and most of the day was on bike paths, again! Hooray for Ohio!

Mary Beth made absolutely delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and Dad and Gary and I set off on the road, covered in long sleeves to guard against the cool autumnal morning.

Gary led us through Clifton, home of the admired Clifton Gorge, which we did not visit, and this quirky “garage” next to the Clifton mill, which we did visit.

The rest of the day passed in tailwinded, perfect-weather pedaling, completed FINALLY by a long-awaited ice cream stop at Dairy Queen on the outskirts of Columbus.

One Response to “Day 22: Yellow Springs to Columbus, OH”

  1. Sophie September 12, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    That sign about the bull reminds me of the one we came across in Mortonhampstead… with Ronan the bull.

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