Weekend in Indy

29 Aug

I spent a wonderful weekend in Indianapolis with my old friend Loren and his awesome mother Chartley.

Saturday morning I trucked down at dawn to the Binford Farmers Market, where I spent the morning chatting with a much older crowd than at Urbana’s last weekend, but a welcoming one nonetheless. People were markedly more hesitant, which led me to break out a hastily drawn “Ask me about yogurt!” sign and stick it prominently to the back of my cart. And as I packed up to leave, two new friends took most of my yogurt off of my hands to use as cultures for their own incubation experiments. I hope they go well!

After lunch I eagerly headed to Freewheelin’ Bikes, a fantastic Earn-a-Bike program close to downtown Indianapolis. I was lucky enough to meet Nancy, the program’s founder, as she rushed off to prepare for a party, and set myself in front of the truing stand to straighten out a few wheels.

One of the kids, Daniel, finished earning his bike on Saturday, and he truly impressed me by his knowledge and comfort overhauling a really sticky headset. Congratulations to Daniel!

Loren and I spent the rest of the afternoon at the library, then searched in vain for a street performance on the fringe of IndyFringe before settling down happily to beers and a game of Carcassonne at Upland Brewing Company.

sweet bike racks!

Sunday I was excited to visit DigIN, a festival that was supposed to promote local food producers and connect local restaurants. Loren and I waited in a couple of sweaty lines for tasty, but meat-filled, food, found no local farmers or producers to meet, and ultimately decided we’d rather eat melon at home than stand in a sunny field with hundreds of other people.

It was another good choice, but first we had to take a quick sweltering traipse through one of Indianapolis’ many downtown parking lots.

2 Responses to “Weekend in Indy”

  1. Lenny Dintenfass September 2, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    Hi Annie, thank you for the kind words about Freewheelin’ Community Bikes! We enjoyed your visit and glad you shared your wheel-truing expertise with us. Also have enjoyed reading your thoughtful writing as you travel.
    Lenny Dintenfass
    Freewheelin’ Community Bikes

  2. Jamison September 7, 2010 at 7:15 pm #


    It was nice to meet you was well and thanks for getting wrenching on that red Schwinn…it found its happy new owner last week.

    Anyways, glad you had some tasty Upland and I share your opinion on not enough vegetarian options at DigIN.

    Safe travels and make sure to look me up if you come through town again.


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