Day 2: New Lenox to Aroma Park, IL

16 Aug

Wow, what a change from yesterday! Total time: 6.5 hrs, mileage: 49 miles.

I got up nice and early and packed up, then headed on the road with Gary, who escorted me to the Old Plank Road Trail, where we met up with Bill Goldschmidt and his wife Pat. They escorted me about 10 miles east on the Old Plank Road Trail (very nice and well-maintained), and then Bill and I continued south toward Peotone.

Bill knew everyone we passed. A local cyclist for years – he joined the local bike club in 1977 – he’s been retired for 8 years, has ridden 25,000 miles in his life, and has surpassed 5,500 already this year. Needless to say, he was patient with my 9 mph speed, and he kept me entertained with stories of cross-country bike trips through Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, week-long tours through China, and an adventure with the other great Bill through Vietnam in 1996. We made good time to Peotone, made the next cart adjustment (cut off some of my rear sign to let the wind through), and he left to head back home after lunch.

I was tempted to take a nap on the bench after lunch, but I made a few phone calls and got back on the road. (Enjoy the video – try not to get car sick…)

The rest of the ride to Aroma Park was pretty uneventful, and I stopped at a restaurant by the river to wait until my hosts for the evening got home from work.

(Maybe someday I’ll get an evening picture of myself that’s not totally exhausted-looking…but I’ll have to wait until I’m not exhausted before I have a chance of that.)

My hosts were Paul and his fiancée Julie and his brother Mark and his dog Ty, and they were all wonderful. We had another good pasta dinner, a good shower, and then we chilled on the back porch and exchanged stories and plans and ideas until I crashed…at like 9:15. Sleeping on a screened-in porch is awesome, by the way.

One Response to “Day 2: New Lenox to Aroma Park, IL”

  1. Bill and Pat G. August 21, 2010 at 6:12 am #

    Hi Annie,

    We are enjoying you website! It was fun to meet you and Bill was happy to see you safely to Peotone. Stay safe and may the weather gods smile on you.

    Pat & Bill

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