test run

12 Aug

Test runs are always good ideas.
It felt oh so good to get my signs clipped onto my cart, and strap my newly fabricated table on top, despite their inescapable flimsiness.
But then I packed everything up and got on the road, and I realized a few very important missing elements in the Yogurt Pedaler’s getup:

1. The cooler didn’t fit in the cart. This is oh so obviously something I should have confirmed before now, but I didn’t. Good thing I wasn’t depending on a cooler as enormous as this one. One item added to the Menard’s shopping list.
2. The tarp I salvaged from the dumpster to make my rain tarp had been tossed for a reason – it was full of holes. Back to square one. At least I had most of a shower curtain lying around at Open Produce. Thanks, Steven.
3. I broke my front basket while strapping it onto the handlebars. So much for my awesome old leather Schwinn handlebar bag.
4. My squeaky new umbrella is too short to stand under, so I’ll either have to find a sturdy, light extension method, or go umbrella-less and hope people eat my yogurt quickly.
5. My heels hit the panniers at every pedal stroke. Luckily there’s a solution for this involving a PVC pipe strapped to my rear rack, already perfected by Steven and Katherine on previous trips.

Moving forward from these hurdles, I’ll leave you with a hastily captured image of the Yogurt Pedaler’s return home after its hardly-glorious test run to Open Produce:

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